Marijuana is medically-legal since 1996 in California. In 2016, the state passed Proposition 64 which legalized marijuana for recreational use. This law has given individual cities to decide on how to regulate both recreational and medical marijuana. In Los Angeles, recreational marijuana is legal. People can purchase it even if it comes at a high cost due to added taxes. There are about 1700 retail stores and dispensaries all over this city that sells marijuana.
According to the California Health Care Almanac, marijuana was the commonly used illicit drug among all age groups from 2015 to 2016. Young adults, aged 18 to 25 years old, had the highest rate of usage, with 34% . About 7% of young adults have used cocaine in the past year. Heroin use in all age groups was less than 1%. In 2017, about 1,335 of the 1,882 deaths were attributed to prescription opioid overdose. From 2016-17, there was an increasing trend in deaths by more than 50% due to fentanyl overdose.
Manhattan Beach gives you the quintessential SoCal life, with proximity to the beach, good looking health-conscious locals, and great weather year-round. While it’s understandably intimidating with its wealthy residents (Some of who are actually Hollywood royalty), Manhattan Beach is still surprisingly laidback and chill. It is still a Beach City after all.
Sun, Sea, Surf, Sobriety: Living the Beach Life in Hermosa Beach If you want a taste of the laidback SoCal life, Hermosa Beach is the place to be. The long stretch of their clean beach dotted with sunbathers, friendly locals, and the Oceanside trails with the most breathtaking views makes it a dream destination for the occasional and perpetual beach bum.
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