Sober Living in Hermosa Beach


Sun, Sea, Surf, Sobriety: Living the Beach Life in Hermosa Beach

If you want a taste of the laidback SoCal life, Hermosa Beach is the place to be. The long stretch of their clean beach dotted with sunbathers, friendly locals, and the Oceanside trails with the most breathtaking views makes it a dream destination for the occasional and perpetual beach bum.

Hermosa Beach has something for everyone as well, from family-friendly activities and destinations to a strong economy for the younger crowd.

It’s also a great backdrop for someone going through the first few months of recovery.

But going through the first few weeks after rehabilitation can be a huge struggle, especially if you’re going through it alone. That is why you need a solid support system and some structure to follow through with your plan of staying clean and dry. This is something you’ll find in sober living houses.

Sober Living Houses (SLH’s) or Sober Homes are facilities for people who are transitioning from drug rehabilitation to mainstream society. These facilities are “drug and alcohol-free” environments that are structured around certain recovery methodologies, including the 12 step program.


The benefits of sober living

Aren’t sober living facilities expensive? Generally, they are. But the benefits usually outweigh the cost:

  • You’ll be around likeminded people with the same goals – ​The first few days to months after recovery is often where you’ll struggle, and the pressure to stay clean and sober is even higher when you’re doing it alone. In sober living facilities though, you won’t have to go through the painful journey to full recovery by yourself. You’ll be with people who have the same goals in mind as you.
  • Through structure, they will ensure that you’re on your way to full recovery – ​Sober living facilities ensure that you stay sober by enforcing rules and schedules to keep idle time at a minimum. As too much boredom can lure you back to your old habits, you are given a set of activities for the entire day. These activities are geared towards preparing you for the outside world.
  • They’ll leave no room for relapses during your stay – ​Sober living facilities, like Nonno Recovery, often run drug and alcohol tests three to five times a week and check in on residents regularly to ensure that you’re on your way to permanent sobriety. They also give your family an update weekly on your progress.


Why Hermosa Beach is a great place to live soberly

You can’t heal in the same place you got sick in, that’s why sober living facilities are one of the best places to transition in from rehabilitation towards full recovery. And what better place to fully recover in than in a sober living facility in Hermosa Beach.

This laid back beach community is the perfect escape from the stress and pressure that got you into the addiction you healed from for two reasons:

  • The beach – ​There have been studies about how “blue spaces” – sea, rivers, lakes and even a fountain – can have a restorative effect on your mind. According to Richard Shuster, PsyD, “The color blue has been found by an overwhelming amount of people to be associated with feelings of calm and peace,” says Shuster. Apart from that, the sound of water flowing (or waves crashing against the shore) can lull you into a relaxed mood. In Hermosa Beach, you’ve got an entire stretch of clean shoreline to enjoy the view up close.
  • A culture centered around a healthy and active lifestyle – ​When you’re in Hermosa Beach, you can’t NOT be active, with so many sports and activities to do in the community. You can jog or cruise along The Strand on a bike or roller skates like most of the locals, or you can explore one of the parks and pedestrian trails. It’s also the first South Bay beach city to be certified in the Beach Cities Health District’s Blue Zone Project, an initiative to create healthier and more productive citizens.

If you need help in continuing your journey towards full recovery from drug and alcohol addiction in Hermosa Beach, give Nonno Recovery a call at (310) 666-5521. You can also check out their website: ​​for more details.