Sober Living in Manhattan Beach


Living a sober SoCal life in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach gives you the quintessential SoCal life, with proximity to the beach, good looking health-conscious locals, and great weather year-round. While it’s understandably intimidating with its wealthy residents (Some of who are actually Hollywood royalty), Manhattan Beach is still surprisingly laidback and chill. It is still a Beach City after all.

It is also a great place to live out your transition from drug or alcohol rehabilitation to full recovery, with its community culture focused on maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle and breathtaking scenery.

But this is something you can’t do by yourself, especially if you don’t have a good support system in place and a schedule conducive to full sobriety. In a city that also boasts of a thriving nightlife, it’s important that you have a support system that can help you follow through with your recovery plan.

This is what Nonno Recovery Sober Living is here for.


Sober Living: What it is and why it’s worth it

For those who are not familiar with what sober living homes are, they’re basically residential facilities for those who have gone through rehabilitation and would like assistance towards full recovery. They are drug and alcohol-free environments that follow methodologies like the 12 step program.

Sober living homes can make a big difference in your recovery plan for five reasons:

  • You won’t be going through your journey alone – ​Loneliness is one of the biggest hurdles towards full recovery. For one, you’re cut off from your old network. Without your old friends, you simply have no one to connect with. Sober living facilities ensure that you won’t have to go through your recovery by yourself. The trained staff has your back and will support you in every step of the way towards full sobriety. In addition, you’ll be with others who are going through the same struggle and have the same goals as yours.
  • Less downtime – ​You know what they say about idle hands being the devil’s workshop. The same goes for those who are going through the first stages of recovery. The more downtime you have, the more likely you’ll go back to your old habits, thanks to boredom and loneliness. Sober living facilities ensure that you’ll have less idle time to keep you away from temptations. You’ll be taught new skills and time management. They’ll even help you find a job so you can get settled into your new life.
  • They proactively follow through with your recovery plan – ​Sober living facilities like Nonno Recovery will pull out all the stops to ensure that there’s no turning back for you. They’ll breathalyze you and have you undergo drug tests at least three times a week to make sure that you’re staying clean during your stay. They’ll even impose curfews and check in on you to make sure you’re not relapsing.
  • They’ll help you get your family back – ​Often, it’s the family that bears the brunt of someone’s addiction. Relationships deteriorate as the addiction progresses, until the sufferer becomes estranged from his or her own family. Sober living facilities can help you rebuild your relationship with your family, by giving them regular updates. When your family knows you are doing what you can to get yourself back on track, they will happily support your journey towards sobriety.
  • They are safe, secure and comfortable – ​Unlike halfway houses, sober living homes ensure that you ease through full recovery as comfortably as possible with their plush living accommodations and recreation facilities. Nonno Recovery provides these essentials and more to make sure that your transition to sobriety is a pleasant one and you jumpstart your life again on a positive note.


If you need help in continuing your journey towards full recovery from drug and alcohol addiction in Manhattan Beach, give Nonno Recovery a call at (310) 666-5521. You can also check out their website: ​​for more details.