I’m Looking for Sober Living

It may be difficult to imagine enjoying a sober life, especially early in the recovery. However there are a lot of unexpected benefits to being sober.

One of the best resources in the recovery journey is access to sober living houses. Sober living homes are places where people can continue their recovery journey in a safe and supportive environment while maintaining a strong level of independence and freedom. At Nonno Recovery, we strive to help prepare you for life after recovery.

Below are just a few benefits you will find with us:

  • Increased Independence: We strive to help you gain independence and confidence to operate on your own.
  • New Friendships: Recovery can be lonely but at Nonno Recovery our residence live in a close knit community and depend on each other for support. The friendships made in recovery can last a lifetime and be an essential foundation to your recovery.
  • Accountability: While we want to provide a level of freedom and independence we also know the importance of accountability. Often addicts may not feel accountable to themselves and this puts them at risk of relapse. However, being accountable to others can be inspiring and promote motivation.
  • Smooth Transition to Normal Life: Our residents can still attend work, school, and outpatient programs. The sober living model is a great transition back to normal life.
  • A Plan For Success: Our managers and residents are huge sources of motivation and a wealth of of information. Together we can help you plan the rest of your life.


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