Our men’s sober living facility is constructed of men that are in their beginning stages of recovery. There is a communal environment where the men come together to better themselves and find a new way of living. The house gives clients accountability and structure that is needed as their lives were unmanageable.
Once the client has completed their program at Nonno Recovery. We encourage our alumni to maintain strong bonds with the house and participate in our aftercare program. The after care program allows you to be tested once or twice a week at the house to help continue the accountability while transitioning into the next stages of their lives
Nonno Recovery is a 12 step house which is a program for a way of living. There are various types of 12 step programs and the clients get introduced into one they feel the most comfortable in. In a 12 step program you work with a sponsor who takes you through the steps. The 12 steps are a way surrendering, cleaning up the wreckage of your past, making amends to people that you have harmed and then to help another alcoholic. We have found the best results are through a 12-step program.
We provide residents with multiple drug and alcohol tests each week to promote accountability and a clean living.


At Nonno Recovery California Sober Living we believe in structure and accountability. We’ve laid out the expectations for each guest.

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing- Clients are alcohol tested daily and drug tested 4 times a week which helps build the accountability and structure.
  • Curfew & wake up times- Clients have curfews and wake up times to start putting some structure back in their lives and to get a healthy amount of sleep which is very important.
  • Daily chore- We call it a 5 minute chore. This is something that helps our clients be accountable, contribute to the house, and have a sense of purpose in the morning.
  • Weekly updates-Its very important for loved ones to be updated on the progress of the clients so we work closely with family members and keep them up to date.
  • Outpatient Treatment (IOP)-If clients are transitioning from residential treatment we can help get them connected to various facilities.
  • House meeting- We hold a weekly house meeting as a process group and talk about what has been going on over the past week. Situations that we excelled in and things we want to work on.